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Paw Park Place Salsa heat

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Plus a Sparrow!
Cap'n Jase N' Sparrows Variety Show

September 20-21, 2013

Ahoy Me Matey's, we are planning our next invasion of Sanford for the 5th Annual Pirates of Saint Juans Festival. Enjoy food, drink and live music!

Pirate Pub Invasion - Sept 20, 8 pm - 2 am
The pirates invade the bars of downtown Sanford. Plunder and pillage to yur heart’s content, just make sure ye don’t steer yur ship with too much grog in yur belly.
Tickets are $20. Six bars, six drinks vouchers. One call drink (liquor bars) or premium beer or glass of wine up to $5 value at each stop.

Street Party - Sept 21 - 5 pm-2 am
Sail out to Sanford for a rip-roaring, booty-shaking good time. Live music, beverages, and more shenanigans than a wee-hearted scallywag can take.
Join in the Pirate crew competitions: peg-leg race (3 leg race), tug-o-war, spitting, grog drinking, giant Jenga, and pirate corn hole. Golf cart rides to and from parking are courtesy of Calypso Spiced Rum.

Musical Guest

Paw Park The spot for the dog costume contest this year is Paw Park Place 315 S. French Ave Sanford, Fl 32771 407-323-2700. It will take place 4:00pm September 21, prior to festival. Specials are 30% off costumes from Sept 7th to day of. 40% off self serve baths from Sept 14 to day of. Full groom $5 off t from Sept 14 to day before.

In 1715 Banny Benny Barton and his krewe of misfits made their way up the Saint Juan s river to avoid capture from the Spanish. They had just looted a Spanish ship called Urca de Lima, which had sunk during a hurricane of the coast of Florida.

The tale is they had to bury their booty to escape the Spanish. Now we celebrate this blunder of loot on the shores of Lake Monroe, in an area now called Sanford.